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 +The Work Session of the Mayor and Council of the City of Reynolds convened at 6:37 p.m. on Monday, September 23, 2019 at City Hall.
 +**MEMBERS PRESENT:​** ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Libby Bond, Danny Perkins and Chris Mason. Also, present was Tiffany Coker, Council elect.
 +**MEMBERS NOT PRESENT:​** ​ Brittany Wainwright, Erie Barker, and Walker Moore.
 +**INVOCATION:​** ​ Libby Bond
 +  ​
 +Libby Bond made a motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Chris Mason seconded the motion. ​ Mayor Walter Turner and Danny Perkins voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +Ross Property Closing
 +City Clerk Pam Dowdy, informed Council that Mrs. Ross had come to the Mayor asking if an extension could be granted if they were unable to close on the property by September 27, 2019, which was the end of the 30 days.  Mrs. Ross said the bank was asking for a title to the trailer that was on the property as collateral. ​ The trailer was given to Mrs. Ross and she currently did not have a title but the bank was assisting them in getting one. Pam had spoken with a representative at the bank and was told that the loan had been approved and there should be no problem with closing by the 27th or soon after.
 +Libby Bond made a motion allowing the Mayor to sign the form to grant Mr. and Mrs. Ross a thirty-day extension on closing on the property, if needed. ​ Chris Mason seconded the motion. ​ Mayor Walter Turner and Danny Perkins voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +Louisiana Court Property
 +Mayor Walter Turner told Council he had been approached by Curtis Troutman of Reynolds about the upkeep of the recreational facilities on Louisiana Court. ​ He said Mr. Troutman and his group, Men in Action were interested in keeping up the property as a recreational area for the kids in the area.  He did ask the City if they could assist by getting an operational restroom facility.  ​
 +Mayor Turner also stated he had been approached by someone to purchase the property. A third option presented to him by Taylor County Commissioner,​ Tameka Harris discussed the possibility of withholding some of the money the City was giving the recreation department to help maintain the property and go back to the Board of Commissioners about keeping the grass cut. At an earlier meeting the Mayor had read a letter from the Chairman of the Commissioners stating they would be unable to continue to cut the grass in that area.
 +After a brief discussion of the options Council agreed to have the Public Works Department tear the roof off of the current building and begin to look at the repairs needed to make the current structure usable as a restroom facility.
 +Comprehensive Plan Review
 +Gerald Mixon of River Valley Regional Commission was in attendance to do the cities Comprehensive Plan Review. The material covered was:
 +(1) the contents of the current comprehensive plan,
 +(2) whether the plan is helpful and whether there are any changes that may make it more useful,
 +(3) specific activities the city plans to implement in the upcoming year,
 +(4) assistance the commission might provide with implementation of specific plan activities,
 +(5) possible impacts of regional planning requirements on the city,
 +(6) a reminder to members of council of all the reporting demands placed on the city staff, and
 +(7) any topics of special concern to the city which may not be in the comprehensive plan.
 +Chris Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. ​ Danny Perkins seconded the motion. ​ The meeting adjourned.

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