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 +The work session/​meeting of the Mayor and City Council convened at 6:37 p.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2019 at City Hall.
 +**MEMBERS PRESENT:​** ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Danny Perkins, Chris Mason and Libby Bond.
 +**MEMBERS NOT PRESENT:​** ​ Erie Barker, Walker Moore, and Brittany Wainwright ​
 +**INNVOCATION:​** ​ Danny Perkins
 +Libby Bond made a motion to approve agenda as presented. ​ Chris Mason seconded the motion. Walter Turner and Danny Perkins voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +Fire Chief, Jamie Burgess was present at the meeting to discuss the Fire Department’s Budget Proposal for the FY 2020.  After a thorough discussion on the items in the proposed budget that would be considered capital expenses and changes made the Fire Departments Budget was agreed upon by both parties.
 +Council continued to discuss the balance of the FY 2020 budget as proposed. ​ City Clerk, Pam Dowdy explained to council that she had a discussion with Chief Lonnie Holder on the Police Departments proposed budget and several changes had made that were agreed upon by both parties.
 +With the changes for the Fire Department and the Police Department the budget numbers were more in line with where the budget needed to be.
 +There was a discussion on increasing water rates and Pam was asked to gather information on several questions council proposed as well as questions that needed to be discussed with the city attorney.
 +Prior to the next meeting Pam will:
 +• put together a list of the highest usage water customers
 +• find out about increasing the rates for those higher usage customers and Potterville
 +• put figures together for suggested water cost increase
 +• find out if we can bill for multiple commercial false fire alarms
 +• charge insurance companies for commercial actual fire calls
 +• charge individuals or insurance companies for damage done to fire hydrants
 +• find out about the proposed changes for the Fire Department reimbursement
 +The Executive Session was postponed due to time constraints.
 +The next budget meeting was scheduled for the Work Session on June 24, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.
 +Chris Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. ​ Libby Bond seconded the motion. ​ The meeting adjourned.

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