A Special Called Meeting of the Mayor and Council was called to order at 6:33 p.m. January 8, 2018 at the Train Depot in order to present newly elected council members with the Oath of Office.

Quorum Established

Members present: Mayor Walter Turner, Erie Barker, Danny Perkins, Chris Mason, Libby Bond, Brittany Wainwright and Walker Moore

Members not present: None

Invocation: Pam Anthony

Agenda: Changed to reflect that Old Business and Committee Reports would be tabled until the next meeting, scheduled January 22, 2018.

The Official Oath of City Council and the Loyalty Oath were read by Judge Wayne Jernigan and newly elected council members Walker Moore, Danny Perkins, Erie Barkers and Libby Bond were sworn in as official members of the Reynolds City Council.


Libby Bond made a motion to approve the minutes for the December 18, 2017 meeting. Chris Mason seconded the motion. Erie Barker and Danny Perkins voted in favor. Brittany Wainwright abstained due to her absence.

Old Business: tabled until January 22, 2018.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee – tabled

Property Committee – tabled

Police Committee – tabled

Parking Committee – tabled

Chief’s Report

Chief of Police, Lonnie Holder reported two deaths in Reynolds in the last two days. Chief Holder also requested Council approval to hire a Solicitor/Prosecutor to be an impartial representative in court. Council was all in agreement and Pam Anthony City Clerk will review the City Charter and Ordinances to determine if either allows for such. If not, she will check with the City Attorneys to see if there is a need for such.

Fire Report

City Councilman Erie Barker reminded Council of the Fireman’s Banquet, January 20, 2018 and verified attendance of each member.

Public Work Report

Public Work’s Director Scott Jones reported that several pipes throughout the City had busted due to the intense cold weather and that they had been able to stay on top or repairs. Scott reported that all Christmas decorations were down and back in storage. He said there had been issues with the bucket truck causing the delay in getting them down. Scott also reported that a representative with Liberty Utilities would be present for the meeting on January 22 in order to present their offer for purchasing the Reynolds water system. He discussed some of the issues he perceived with the purchase.

Mayor Report

Mayor Walter Turner challenged each Council Member to be thinking about their personal goals and expectations for the City in the upcoming year. He asked that they will willing to share those goals with each other and himself.

Finance Report

City Clerk, Pam Anthony ask for Councils approval to open a new checking account for depositing and handling the funds from the PILOT program for the Solar funds. Danny Perkins made a motion to open a checking account for the PILOT program Solar funds. Chris Mason seconded the motion. Erie Barker, Libby Bond, Brittany Wainwright and Walker Moore voted in favor. The motion passed.

New Business - tabled

Other Business - tabled


Chris Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Libby Bond seconded the motion. Danny Perkins, Erie Barker, Walker Moore and Brittany Wainwright voted in favor and the meeting was adjourned.

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