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 +The work session/​meeting of the Mayor and City Council convened at 6:40 p.m. Monday, April 8, 2019 at the Train Depot.
 +**MEMBERS PRESENT:​** ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Chris Mason and Libby Bond.
 +**MEMBERS NOT PRESENT:​** ​ Danny Perkins, Erie Barker, Walker Moore, and Brittany Wainwright ​
 +**INNVOCATION:​** ​ Libby Bond
 +Chris Mason made a motion to approve agenda as presented. ​ Libby Bond seconded the motion. Walter Turner voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +The Mayor and Council present discussed the request made by Payton Powell from Public Service Telephone to paint the building owned by PST on the corner of E. William Wainwright Street beige and blue.  Council agreed there would be no problem with the colors. ​ Mayor Turner stated he would call Mr. Powell and let him know of Council’s decision.
 +Members of Council present discussed the office and court clerk portion of the FY 2020 budget.
 +Chris Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. ​ Libby Bond seconded the motion. ​ The meeting adjourned.

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