The regular meeting of the Mayor and City Council convened at 6:37 p.m. Monday, April 16, 2018 at the Train Depot.


  • Mayor Walter Turner
  • Danny Perkins
  • Chris Mason
  • Libby Bond
  • Walker Moore


  • Erie Barker
  • Brittany Wainwright


Danny Perkins


Libby Bond made a motion to adopt the agenda with Executive Session struck from the agenda. Chris Mason seconded the motion. Walker Moore and Danny Perkins voted in favor. The motion passed.


Danny Perkins made a motion to adopt the minutes of the March 19, 2018 meeting. Walker Moore seconded the motion. Chris Mason and Libby Bond voted in favor. The motion passed.

Libby Bond made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 26, 2018 meeting. Chris Mason seconded the motion. Walker Moore voted in favor. Danny Perkins abstained due to his absence from the meeting.


Leases – tabled.

City Clerk, Pam Anthony presented Council with the letter from Rep. Patty Bentley in references to the status of the new charter and the amendments she made to the Charter prior to being signed. A brief discussion about the changes incurred. Members of the Council were not in agreement with the changes.

Public Works Director, Scott Jones is meeting with Georgia Power to look at possibility of adding additional lighting in areas of concern brought before Council about very dark areas. After meeting with Georgia Power Scott will report back to Council about costs to the City.


Finance Committee – No report.

Property Committee – Libby Bond reported that she met with Tim Gaines about the color for paint for the exterior of the building of the new restaurant Tim will be opening in Reynolds.

Police Committee – No report.


Chief Lonnie Holder introduced Lula Neal, the new Family Connection Coordinator to Council and gave a little of her history and background. Mrs. Neal has an extensive background in working the children of all ages and from all walks of life.

Chief Holder reported he currently had three officers in training and two that would be attending Mandate in July.

Chief Holder also reported to Council about an incident at the Silver Dollar Speedway in which an unexpected amount of people showed up for an event and traffic was backed up in all directions. Chief Holder told Council that he and the Sheriff have spoken with the owner of the Speedway and will be informed of future events so that the departments can be better prepared for the direction of the traffic.


Public Works Director, Scott Jones informed Council that the City of Reynolds Annual Quality Report for 2017 would be posted in the Taylor County paper this week. He gave council a report of some of the special notations that were cited in the report.


No one was present from the Fire Department however, Anthony reported the deck gun ordered had been delivered.


City Clerk, Pam Anthony enclosed in information presented to Council a letter from BB&T informing the City of an adjustment to in the interest and amortization rate on the bond note for the two new police vehicles.

State Representative Patty Bentley reached out to Reynolds by way of e-mail asking for support for a Domestic Violence Project. Libby Bond explained that this was a state-wide project and that Reynolds Woman’s Club would be participating.

Council was presented with a folder with the budget and material that would be needed for the Work Session on April, 26, 2018.


Mayor Walter Turner reported that despite inclement weather twenty-one people showed up to help with the city-wide cleanup and the day was a success. He pointed out that Scout Troup 264 came with inclement weather gear and assisted.

Mayor Tuner asked for the Councils support as the effort to bring scouting back to Reynolds. Mayor Turner commented that there was a good turn out of volunteers to assist the Woman’s Club in moving the books from the Armory to the Flint Building to prepare for the Strawberry Festival.

Mayor Turner informed Council of the following meetings and encouraged attendance: • District 8 Meeting, Tuesday, April 17, 2018 in Americus, 6-8pm • Resource Team Meeting on the 19th of April at the Flint Building, 6-7:30 pm. • Ethics Training in Vienna on April 26, City Clerk Pam Anthony will send out the information on this training by email.


Mayor Turner reported to Council that he had spoken with Bob Ray of Flint Energies and Mr. Ray was more than willing to work with the City in possibly making use of empty Flint Building in attempt to meet some of the needs of the City, in particular with the need for expansion of the Fire Department. Council agreed to meet to tour the buildings after the Strawberry Festival. Council read the letter from the Department of Transportation and agreed that there was a need to reduce the speed in several areas within the city limits of Reynolds. The Council members present signed the letter to present to the Department of Transportation.


None at this time.


Chris Mason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Walker Moore seconded the motion. Danny Perkins and Libby Bond voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned.

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