The regular meeting of the Mayor and Council convened at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 17, 2018 at the Train Depot with the announcement of a quorum.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Walter Turner, Danny Perkins, Walker Moore and Libby Bond

MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Erie Barker, Brittany Wainwright and Chris Mason



Walker Moore made a motion to proposed Agenda for December 17, 2018. Libby Bond seconded the motion. Mayor Walter and Danny Perkins voted in favor. The motion passed.


Libby Bond made a motion to adopt the minutes for the November 19, 2018 regular monthly City Council meeting. Danny Perkins seconded the motion. Mayor Walter Turner voted in favor. The motion passed. Walker Moore abstained due to his absence.

Walker Moore made a motion to adopt the minutes of the November 21, 2018 work session/meeting. Libby Bond seconded the motion. Mayor Walter Turner and Danny Perkins voted in favor. The motion passed.

Libby Bond made a motion to adopt the minutes of the November 26, 2018 work session/meeting. Walker Moore seconded the motion. Mayor Walter Turner and Danny Perkins voted in favor. The motion passed.


Mayor Turner asked council if they had time to research water rates for non-profit organizations. Council requested the discussion be tabled until the City Clerk could find out what questions the auditors had in reference to this.


Finance Committee: No report.

Property Committee: No report.

Police Committee: Walker Moore stated the committee had met and discussed the pros and cons of getting used vehicles as opposed to purchasing new vehicles. Chief Lonnie Holder informed the committee that he could apply for a grant that would cover about 75% requiring a loan for the balance. The committee will continue to research and will keep Council informed.

FAMILY CONNECTIONS REPORT Coordinator of Taylor County Family Connections, Lula Neal, was unavailable so Councilman Walker Moore read the report. The report updated Council on all activities and events the Coordinator had been involved in since the last meeting.


Captain Smart Web gave the Chief’s report. Captain Webb stated there had been no real increase in crimes to this point during the holidays, which he felt was attributed to the fact that the officers were visible and making constant contacts. He asked Council if they had any question about the monthly statistical report provided to Council.

The Mayor thanked Captain Web and Captain McCrary for stepping in and staying on top of things during the Chief’s absence.


Public Works Director, Scott Jones reported the city was awarded the 2019 Local Maintenance Improvement Grant and the check was received for $21379.21. The funds will either be rolled over or used to pave S. Boundary Street.

Scott is beginning the process to apply for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). He mailed out surveys and asks that everyone in the city complete one. This grant would be for storm water issues throughout the city.


No report.


City Clerk, Pam Anthony thanked Tammy Jones and Shaiqueta Brown for stepping up during her absence. They did a great job of taking care of things in addition to it being the busiest time of the year with taxes coming in. $42,000.00 in taxes was collected in the month of November and in the first 10 working days of December they collected $40,775.00. Pam also reported that Shaiqueta, at the same time, was dealing with 3 months of court documents and issues. AJK, LLC forwarded adjusting entries and Bonita McGouirk said that she would inform the city by the end of the week when they would receive the final audit. Pam informed council the charge for AJK, LLC audit services for the 2018 year would be about half of what they were in 2016. Pam reported there was no calendar available.


o Mayor Turner also commented on how well Tammy Jones and Shaiqueta Brown had done in the absence of the City Clerk.

o Mayor Turner encouraged council to participate with the Santa visits in the next years as it was a very heart-warming experience.

o Mayor Turner and Scott Jones informed Council they had met with a gentleman who wanted to discuss with the city about upgrading their current water meter system.

o The Mayor told Council Toby Tienken had approached him about purchasing the corner lot owned by the city. After research the lot was only .14 acres and it was decided the city was not interested in selling. Pam Anthony was asked to check with attorney about the process for the city selling off property that it owned.

o Mayor Turner expressed a great interest in developing a brochure for the city. He requested Council’s input and asked if any of them knew of any of the history of Reynolds.


No new business.


No other business. Council agreed to postpone the Municode meeting scheduled for December 18, 2018 until January 8, 2018.


Walker Moore made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Danny Perkins seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned.

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